'This is my full-time job': How Twitch became the go-to platform for creators to make money

"Megan Lenius recalled a simple question by her dental hygienist that made her pause briefly. “She asked me what I did for a living,” Lenius said. “I told her that I sing on Twitch, make some money and I love it!”... Lenius, who chose to make Twitch their sole source of income.With more than 44,000 followers, Lenius streams for at least two hours up to five days a week, including weekends averaging about 200 viewers per stream. From her parents' basement in Anoka, Minnesota, Lenius sings, acts silly and sometimes plays video games onscreen with her parents."

Stop Selling to Gen Z

"As one proud Gen Zer explains it, “We grew up in an age of reality TV, fake YouTube pranks, and polished ads everywhere,” says Megan Lenius, 23. “Because of this disingenuous content, we gravitate toward a brand that is going to give us a more genuine experience.” The entrepreneurs who are paying attention to that desire are finding valuable new paths toward building successful relationships with consumers... “Twitch has done incredible things for my career,” says Lenius, the Gen Zer who craves honest connection. As a budding singer-songwriter, she not only found an audience of 44,700 followers on Twitch but has watched the platform repeatedly find ways to engage with its base. Twitch offers an ambassador program to let users bring problems to their attention, regularly hosts Twitch Town Halls, and amplifies top streamers like Lenius, whose face it flashed on a billboard in Times Square. “It’s unlike any other service,” she says. “The community is the thing that has kept me there.” "

Megan Lenius Releases New Track ‘Not Your Game’ Produced By Mike Shinoda | Music News

"Megan Lenius has released “Not Your Game” produced by Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park live on his Twitch Channel with an audience of over 15,000. Megan was chosen after Mike Shinoda asked for his followers to send him songs of theirs to be produced on his stream."

Sound & Vision: Making Money and Playing Music Live on Twitch

"There are some artists on Twitch who’ve been able to quit their day jobs and rely on Twitch for their main source of income, including Megan Lenius. She, like many serious Twitch musicians, performs a few times a week for three hours or more at a time... Lenius is in her early 20s and grew up trying out many different streaming platforms like Youtube and Periscope. She says a lot of those platforms were already oversaturated when she arrived. She got into Twitch early and has been able to utilize the platform’s emphasis on monetization. “The cool thing about Twitch is that the attitude that they’ve built into the platform is that it's okay to give money. It's a cool thing to give money to support the streamer,” Lenius says. “People want to support you and they want to give you money. They want to donate. They want to see you surprised when they give you a $100 donation or when they gift 10 subscribers. It's built into the fabric of the platform and that's something that a lot of other places don't have.”"

Coronavirus Is Giving Livestreaming the Chance to Prove Itself

" The artists who've already been making a living through platforms like Twitch and YouNow are some of the few that haven't felt the sting of COVID-19's impact. Pop singer Megan Lenius has been partnered with Twitch for nearly three years, and livestreaming is her primary source of income as a musician..."It's a good time to be an online musician," she says. "It really is. I'm very fortunate I've been able to stay where I am and not have to worry about one thing or another." "


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