Megan Lenius is a Singer Songwriter, Musician, Twitch Ambassador and Partner from Anoka Minnesota, the Halloween Capital of the World. She has been pursuing music for her entire life. As a child Megan wanted to be a famous singer and just never stopped. She started playing guitar when she was 6 years old and picked up piano in highschool. After growing up posting covers and original songs to Youtube, Facebook, and any other platform she could find, Megan was able to catch on to the new wave of music streaming early. Megan started streaming music on Twitch in February of 2017. She now has over 43,000 followers and 2.2m views on her Twitch channel where she performs her original songs and covers live 5 days a week. Along with her Twitch streams, Megan has performed live all over the world at venues like Hotel Cafe and has sold out clubs during TwitchCon and various other conventions with her band. 


Megan writes songs about love and the complexities of modern relationships and she sings like her life depends on it. Her honesty and openness are why her fans love her and come back for more.


Megan has been featured on a billboard in Times Square for Twitch’s 2021 Women's History month campaign. In 2020 she worked with AC/DC during their 40th year anniversary Back in Black re-release. She has been featured in RollingStone Magazine and on KEXP for streaming on Twitch as well. Megan has twice been a semi-finalist in Twitch’s StreamStar, which is an American Idol-like competition that Twitch runs from their proprietary karaoke game TwitchSings. 


Not Your Game” is Megan's newest release that was produced by Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. Beginning in 2021 Mike Shinoda asked for his followers to send him songs of theirs that he could produce live on his Twitch channel with the hashtag #ShinodaProduceMe. Megan was chosen as one of the artists that he would produce live on his stream.


Allison” is the first single released in 2019 and was recorded in Nashville with some of the city’s best local musicians. 


Used” and “I Can’t” (forthcoming) were both recorded in her hometown of Minneapolis with members of Prince’s New Power Generation band backing her up. The song rips and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Come hang out with Megan live on her Twitch channel 5 days a week here https://www.twitch.tv/meganlenius